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Circle the Neva River with Irina and capture the Historic and Picturesque perspectives.
As a guide, my main goal is to share the beauty and humorous details city's history. To make it entertaining, informative and welcoming for all of my guests.
Meet your activity leader: Irina
Hello everyone! My name is Irina, I'm a professional guide of Saint-Petersburg with great love for all of its history, architecture and little secrets. It's all quite complementary to my main studies of culture in SPbSU. I'm mostly interested in the day to day life of other people. The city's architecture is indescribable, views are stunning and places are magnificent, but you can only really appreciate these things next to people inhabiting them - only then you can fully feel the scale and purpose of everything and understand as much as possible. And, of course, the everyday life with all of its little fortunes and misfortunes is great source of laughter.
What to expect
This excursion is going to take you to the very centre of Saint-Petersburg which was carefully crafted for the enjoyment of citizens and guests by more than three hundred years of careful work and planning of the best architects and engineers. We're going to walk from the place of city's foundation to see the best views and you'll also hear the story which stands behind their creation, including some of the more obscure facts.
Meeting point
The exact address is:

Gorkovskaya subway station
€75 per group
Takes 2 hours
Age group: any
What is included
  • A two hour pedestrian excursion with a professional local guide.
- don't forget to bring with you drinking water, umbrella in case of rain, camera for photos and all the questions about the city
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