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3 hour walking tour
A tour through the biggest open air museum – a park which takes you back to USSR
3 hour walking tour
A tour through the biggest open air museum – a park which takes you back to USSR
What to expect
VDNH (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) is originally a permanent general purpose trade show and amusement park in Moscow. With its pavilions and fountains constructed in the empire style, it has become one of the symbols of Soviet times.
There are a lot of recreation opportunities at VDNH nowadays, among them — the Country's Main Skating rink (in wintertime), the centre of oceanography and marine biology "Moskvarium", the Green Theatre (a popular summer concert venue), the Architectural model of Moscow, the Cinema Museum and many more.

Hundreds of festivals, business exhibitions and congresses, festivals and events take place at VDNH each year: there is always something to see and do! Starting from 2018, VDNH is planned to become the main educational, entertainment, cultural, museum and recreational complex.
During the tour, you will hear brief history of VDNH and see its the most remarkable points of the «Soviet Versaille":
the Main Entrance arch and the Central Alley
the famous "Friendship of the People" and "Stone Flower" fountains
the biggest "Space" pavilion, the "Vostok" space launch vehicle (a copy of the spaceship that took Yuri Gagarin around the Earth) and Buran (the Soviet shuttle)
some other pavilions
But also!
  • the Cosmos hotel built specially for Summer Olympic Games held in Moscow in 1980
  • the impressive "Conquerors of Space» monument and the Cosmonauts alley
  • the Worker and Kolkhoz woman monument — another symbol of the Soviet Union
  • the «House on feet» - an amusing result of architectural experiment for working-class people.
Note: upon your request, we can modify the tour and include more VDNH pavilions in the programme.
€95 per group
(1-10 people)
Takes 3-4 hours
Age group: any
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