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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Saint PEtersburg
Alvar Aalto's Library
(extended version: +main streets and story of Vyborg)

If architecture of the beginning of XXth century excites you, white minimalistic interiors please your eyes and genius thoughts put into buildings give you chills… this might very well be the tour you are looking for!
Meet your activity leader: Asiya
Hello, dear friends! My name is Asiya. I am a passionate student-architect studying at St.Petersburg state University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. One of my favourite architectural styles is functionalism, which might be familiar to you as Bauhaus or Modernist style architecture. This is why I would like to show you one masterpiece located in Vyborg city.
What to expect
We will go through least touristy places of the city: through the coffee shops we (locals) visit on the daily bases. Of course, I will tell you all about the origins of coffee in Russia from "back n the day" until the modern days and introduce the hipster life flow of those who love the dark bean drink.

During the tour I will have a chance to take good pictures of you since I enjoy photography and carry my camera along, so expect to have your memories captured in good quality (:

Meeting point
Ploschad Lenina metro station
€150 per tour
might be more due to tickets costs – depending on the group size
4-5,5 hours
What will you see
We will visit Vyborg city and the legendary library constructed by Alvar Aalto.
What is included
-train tickets

-10-15 photos (sent to your email)

Are you ready to discover Vyborg and Alvar Aalto's library?
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