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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Art walk around the backstreet and non-touristic places of Kazan
Be ready to visit many authentic non-touristic sights of Kazan: bars, libraries, parks, coffee houses, old-fashioned streets, art cafes, art places
Meet your activity leader: Daria
Hi friends! My name is Daria. I'm 26. If you ever see a brunette smiling girl with red lips dressed in a cap and a coat with coffee in my hand, be sure it is me you noticed. I have been living in Kazan for all my life, and I'm ready to show you ART Kazan. I am interested in psychology, music and English. Communication with people has always been my prerogative. I like learning the new everyday! I'm happy to share hidden art places and the people from there. I'm glad to share hidden facts about art Kazan and spend our walk time the way you won't spend with someone else.
What to expect
Kazan is a unique city. Instead of a boring tour of the recognized sights of Kazan, instead of hyped exaggerated legends, I offer my tourists a new tour around the unusual original backstage places in my city. You will see Kazan from the another side. I offer you an original tour around my town. During our walk you will feel like a local. We will begin the tour by visiting a cozy park in the very centre, then go to the National Library and feel the atmosphere of this unique and (in my opinion) the most beautiful historical place in the city. Then we continue our way through the park of the black lake, one of the oldest places in Kazan full of mystic history and magic. Of course we will also visit visit the cafe "The woods" where we will try delicious craft burgers.

We will finish our walk tour on the Kazanka river quay where we will enjoy the wonderful view opening to the other side. A great place for conversations and your feedback.

But, telling the truth about what you should expect from this tour.... There is nothing to expect from this walk. Do not expect anything, and then you will get everything, and even more.

Meeting point
The exact address is:

Near Peterburgskaya, 1

next to "Koльцо" shopping centre
€80 per tour
We accept rubles and dollars too
Takes 3-4 hours
Age group: 18+

What will you see
  • Peterburgskaya street

  • Ermitage Park

  • Kazan National Library

  • Black Lake Park

  • "The woods" bar

  • SOL' art cafe

  • Kazanka river quay

What is included
  • coffe to go

  • drink (white russian) or burger
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