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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Open the doors to artists' studios and local culture spaces with Kate
St. Petersburg is a living organism with a rich cultural life in its most diverse manifestations. It's not only about the magnificent architecture, grandiosity and great density of museums or the park ensembles and monuments – this city is also about people who live and create art.
Meet your activity leader: Kate
Hi everyone! I am an artist, a curator and an art critic from St. Petersburg. My whole life is dedicated to art: I have graduated from an art school in the printed graphics class, I am seriously engaged in theatre, and I also have a degree in Art History from the Academy of Fine Arts.

As an artist I create paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations. As a curator I have experience in the organisation of collective exhibitions in several galleries and open public spaces. One of my current goals is to promote contemporary art of St. Petersburg and its artists.

I also like traveling and meeting new people.

What to expect
I want to share with you some insider information about the current state of art of the cultural capital of Russia, and also provide for you the experience of informally communicating with outstanding masters and establishing multicultural ties with the creative intellectuals.

Our walk will start from the art center Pushkinskaya 10. Back in the 90s this was where independent artists, musicians and other figures of the underground culture settled. Now it is a unique confederation of art galleries, concert halls, clubs, recording studios, theatres, and creative workshops of famous artists and musicians. In the art center, there is a museum of nonconformist art which unites a unique collection of "unofficial" art of the second half of the 20th century and contemporary Russian art.

Then we will go to the Borey gallery, located in the cellar on Liteiny Prospekt. There is a gallery with several exhibition spaces, an art cafe and a shop with books, paintings, sculptures and drawings.

Toward the end of our walk, we will climb to the attic - a unique gallery "Pork Snout" with workshops of an extravaganza of artists and musicians "KOLHUI - witchcraft artists", also known as the group NOM. They are known for their scandalous concerts, ambiguous films and bright satirical pictures. Here you can appreciate the scope and revelry of the Russian soul, the charm of the national color.

Our trip can also include visits to small, private spaces and workshops located in this area where you can see and maybe even buy the work of talented young artists.

Meeting point
The exact address is:

exit from the Moscovsky railway station
€76 per group
Takes 2-4 hours
Age group: 18+
What will you see
  • Art Center Pushkinskaya 10,
  • Gallery and artist workshops "Pig's snout"
  • Borey gallery

If you wish, we can also visit several artists in their personal workshops nearby.

What is included
Museum tickets
If you want, you can book individual walks in the personal workshops that you like (a list of workshops with examples of works by artists available on request).
Are you ready to visit artists' studios?
Booking upon request
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