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Saint PEtersburg
Art Nouveau Tour of St.Petersburg
Discover Saint Petersburg on the edge of 19th and 20th centuries
Meet your activity leader: Asiya
Hi! My name is Asiya. I am a passionate student-architect studying at St.Petersburg state University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. My fascination with northern Art Nouveau is what inspired me to create this tour. I would love to show you what I adore in my city via the architectural vision. If you are interested in discovering these local treasures and are ready to pay attention to details and read the book of buildings, turning pages of facades… then see you soon!
What to expect
Diving into architectural life of the city with a closer look at Art Nouveau, its origins in St.Petersburg. We will walk by the most fascinating examples found in the city and engage in various discussions on the topics concerning architecture. I will introduce you to the most important names of that era and try my best to open this charming world of Northern Romantic style.

During the tour I can also take good pictures of you since I enjoy photography and carry my camera along, so expect to have your memories captured in good quality (:

Meeting point
Ploschad Vosstaniya metro station (next to Stokmann mall)
€80 per tour
2,5-3 hours
What will you see
You will "meet" various famous buildings such as Mathilde Kschessinskaya Mansion. We will cover area of Nevsky Prospect and Petrogradsky district, making sure you do not miss anything important.
What is included
- Transport costs

-10-15 photos (sent to your email)
Are you ready to explore Art-Nouveau style in Saint Petersburg?
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