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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Authentic Russian Shopping Tour with Molly: From Soviet Medals to Russian Streetwear
As a foreigner in Russia, the exchange rate is almost always in your favor, which makes a shopping day a completely reasonable part of any trip to Russia. Clothing stores here have a wide range of anything you could want to find, from Soviet accessories (medals, pins, stamps, post cards, etc.) to second hand designer goods (lots of Merimekko and Fred Perry!) to contemporary Russian streetwear.
Meet your activity leader: Molly
My name is Molly Jane, and I'm a Russian Studies Master's student in St. Petersburg, Russia. I'm originally from Los Angeles, California, but I received my undergraduate degree in Russian Literature, and so couldn't wait to move to St. Petersburg as soon as possible after graduation. I've been in Petersburg for about two years now, studying and doing freelance translation work on the side. During any of my tours, feel free to talk to me about Russian literature or my favorite research subject, the Russian detective novel. Like most people write in their bios, I love to travel (who doesn't), and I just spent the last 3 ½ months living in Kazakhstan and working at the World Fair. I'm sure we will not lack for things to talk about!
What to expect
If you're interested in a clothing shopping tour of St. Petersburg, we can work together to hit all of the stores that fit your interests. The places that I will take you are not noted in any guide or website in English: these are places that I have collected from Russian friends over two years of living here and loving to shop.

In terms of price, the cheaper vintage stores will have goods for about 300-1000 rubles (around $5-17). The higher end vintage stores can have a range of prices, and the Russian designer stores as well. For example, a Sputnik 1985 streetwear shirt would cost around $30.
Meeting point on weekends
The exact address is:

We will meet at the Udelnaya metro stop on the Blue line (the Soviet market 30 minutes outside of the city center).
Meeting point on weekdays
We will meet at the intersection of Vosstaniya Street and Zhukovskogo Street.
€75 per group
Takes 3-4 hours
Age group: any
What will you visit
It all depends on how many stores you feel up to hitting in one day, but I would ideally recommend either 4 or 5 stores in total (including vintage and Russian designer clothing). The cool thing is that some of my favorite stores are located in converted warehouses or buildings that have been taken over by art spaces and storefronts, so it's possible to see a lot more than just clothing if you have the time and inclination.

I plan on there being about a 20-25 minute walk between each store, with the exception of Udelnaya market, which is a 30-minute ride by metro from the city center. Taking public transportation can be an option if you wish, or the weather is not in our favor.
What is included
Any transport costs in the case of walking becoming not a viable option due to weather.
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