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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Avant-garde theatres of St. Petersburg
Meet your activity leaders: Alisa and Alina
Hi! We are Alisa and Alina, and we are going to show you what is behind the famous second name of our city - "The Cultural Capital of Russia" - and what the modern Russian theatre is like. But this will not be a ceremonial, stereotypical tour of the most iconic cultural places. We are interested in looking for brand new type of theatres and watching performances in unusual places.

Maybe we know something you've never even thought about. We will prove that nowadays theatre is not boring. Not in St. Petersburg.

During our education at the Theatre Arts Academy we realized where to find the most avant-garde and daring theatre in St. Petersburg. We want to share it with you.

What to expect
Possibly, we'll have to enter the theatre through a window, see the performance in the catacombs of the old church, spend the whole play alone in headphones with only the voices of actors or sit in the hall of a mansion from the last century during the performance.

The shows you will see may shock you but art is always about the new experience and a new understanding.

Make your decision.

€44 per person
2 - 4,5 hours
Age group: 16+
What will you see
Avant-garde performances of St. Petersburg's theatres.
What is included
  • A ticket to a performance.

  • A short excursion about the independent theatres of St. Petersburg before show
Meeting point
Variationally. Depends on what theatre we are going to go to. You choose the performance according to our annotations.
Are you ready to see Saint Petersburg's contemporary theatre shows?
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