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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Bar walking in Yekaterinburg
During the walking tour we'll see the finest samples of Soviet avant-garde architecture
Meet your activity leader: Victoria and Julia
Two friends who studied Philosophy together, both love to travel and enjoy life. Victoria's doing freelance art/ copywriting.
What to expect
We will visit 5 venues while strolling downtown and looking at main tourist points of the city. A music bar for the locals and elite cafe on the 37th floor with a nice cityscape. You will try delicious Russian cuisine, craft beer and liquors while getting some air and enjoying the city between spots.

Meeting point
The exact address is:

Ural Opera

€36 per person
We accept rubles and dollars too
2-4 hours
Age group: 18+
What will you see
1. Art club Shkaf (a wardrobe). To go inside, you step into a Narnia-like door. Private atmosphere and aperitifs are guaranteed.
2. A stroll down the Main Street of Lenin, observing a constructivist hotel, university, and the Ural Opera.
3. A cafe on the 37th floor with a panoramic view. Tilt effect guaranteed!
4. Walking down the historic Pushkin street with XIX century Russian houses, towards the heart of the city: Plotinka, a dam from where the city started, the main square and a monument of Lenin next to the main shopping street.
5. Visiting an iconic Soviet style cafeteria 'Vremya Ch' where you can fill yourself up with traditional Russian dishes and chat with a flamboyant host Sofochka.
6. A stop at a craft bar 'Nelson Sovin' famous for about 30 titles of craft beer to have a pint of something like Atomic Laundry. DJs play there on Sundays.
7. We have options here. If the weather allows, we can walk along the river to a modern art complex called Yeltsin Center and the Ural Drama Theater where the young people hang out. We can also hit an underground party or chill at the best hookah place around. So... It's up to you!
What is included
Empty stomach and hungry eyes!
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