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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Big city tour
Walking tour adjusted to your wishes

An ideal choice if you are visiting Moscow for the first time and want to explore the city
Big city tour
Walking tour adjusted to your wishes

An ideal choice if you are visiting Moscow for the first time and want to explore the city
What to expect
We have collected all of the main sights in one tour, so that you don't miss out on anything. If you are in Moscow only for a couple of days, then this will be the ideal tour to start exploring the city!

Most importantly, we will choose the guide who suits you the best and will adjust the tour to your interests, wishes and expectations.

Below you will find a plan for a typical tour. However, we will be very happy to discuss the program with you to make you enjoy every bit of it.
Big city tour plan
The excursion can be adapted to your needs. Specify your wishes in the booking form
Red Square
The main square of the capital city, a place which remembers every age of the city story
Theatre Square
Bolshoi Theatre is one of the most famous theatres in the world, known for its opera and ballet shows. While we suggest you head there in the evening, let us look at it and its two smaller brothers on the beautiful Theatre Square.
Seeing at least one metro station in Moscow is a must. Although, we would recommend to stay there longer to explore different stations. Trust us, there is a lot to see down there.
Zaryadye Park
A new park in the very centre of Moscow is one of recent top picks for tourists. Shall we go see for ourselves?
Christ The Savior Cathedral
A huge church, despite its young age, is another symbol of Moscow. There are many stories to be told about its history, past and contemporary. Many people know it by the story of Pussy Riot. Maybe you will have your questions on the topic too.
Literally translated as "area on the other side of Moscow river", the neighbourhood feels like a different city, with another pace, atmosphere, and scale. Too much to be shown there, but you will focus on the most exciting details.
Muzeon and Gorky Park
If you are up for long walks, we would take you to the world-known Gorky Park, loved by locals and an interesting green break for city guests. On the way there you will cross Muzeon, an art park around New Tretyakov Gallery with a great open-air exhibition of sculptures and a marvellous riverside with a view.
A pedestrian street in the city centre, one of the main cultural sights of Moscow with endless stories behind every window
€125 per group
(1-10 people)
We accept dollars and rubles too
Takes 4-6 hours
Age group: any
What is included into the tour?
- A guided tour around Moscow
- Metro tickets
- Excellent mood :)
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Your guide will meet you at your hotel or other place (upon request)
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