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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Blind walk: discover the city without seeing it
One of the most unusual ways to experience the city. Through listening, touching and feeling the city you can truly appreciate the beauty of travelling and exploring places in a new way
Meet your activity leader: Zhanna
Hello! I am a philologist, and the city for me is a huge book of various stories: dramatic, comical, happy, sad, ironic… They are strangely mixed, full of unexpected coincidences, but always curious and worth exploring. I am also a teacher and one of the most delightful activities for me is to share my experience and knowledge with others. So I would be very happy to tell you some of the stories of the city and show you the Moscow I love.
What to expect
This walk is devoted to the city of the blind that is hidden in Moscow. It has its own places of work and leisure, its own routes and, of course, its own beauty. I invite you to take a walk in this city: visit the library for the blind, read the names of the city streets in Braille, smell and touch the plants in the botanic garden, listen to the various sounds of the city, learn how blind people live, work, create and spend their free time in Moscow. Our last point will be an amazing restaurant where you can have a surprise lunch in complete darkness, while blind waiters and musicians help you to value this life where the external doesn't distract you from the essential.
Meeting point
The exact address is:

Prospect Mira, 38 – exit from "Prospekt Mira" metro station, circle line
from €88 per tour
(depends on group size)
We accept rubles and dollars too

Takes 3,5-4 hours
Age group: any

What will you see
The Russian State Library for the Blind
Moscow State University's Botanic Garden (the "Apothecary Garden")
"In the Dark?!" Restaurant
What is included
museum tickets
lunch in the restaurant
Put on comfortable shoes and be ready for new experience in the dark
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