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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Saint PEtersburg
Coffee Capital - St.Petersburg
First, let's have a coffee!
Meet your activity leader: Asiya
Hello! I am a passionate student architect and a great coffee lover. Life in St.Petersburg is impossible without a cup of freshly brewed coffee. And the further we develop the industry the more elaborate coffee places become. They keep coming up with alternative brewing methods, work on their space interior and do their best impressing customers. I believe that coffee shops are an essential part of a real St.Petersburg experience, which is why you should check it out! From the micro coffeeshop to one of the biggest St.Petersburg branded coffee giants in one tour.
What to expect
We will go through the least touristy places of the city: through the coffee shops we (locals) visit on the daily basis. Of course, I will tell you all about the origins of coffee in Russia from "back in the day" until the modern days and introduce the hipster life flow of those who love the dark bean drink.

During the tour I can take good pictures of you since I enjoy photography and carry my camera along, so expect to have your memories captured in good quality (:

Meeting point
Ploschad Vosstaniya metro station (next to Stokmann mall)
€80 per tour
2-2,5 hours
What will you see
We will visit several local coffee places that are hard to find on the regular bases. Explore their interiors and background story.
What is included

-coffee degustation

-10-15 photos (sent to your email)
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