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Russian Martial Art (Combat Sambo): World of Soviet Elite Forces
Get to train skills which were taught only to Soviet Elite Forces.
Meet your activity leader: Mikhail
Experienced certified combat sambo instructor. Study martial arts for more than 25 years, teach for 14 years. I help my students to become more safe, self-confident and healthy. Author of 6 popular books on self-defence and 100+ related articles.
What to expect
I will share with you the skills which were taught only to Soviet Elite Forces. You will learn the so called "natural" techniques of self-defense, practise knife throwing, develop sixth sense (helps to feel danger), experience dynamic meditation.

The Russian (Soviet) Martial Art includes hand-to-hand fighting itself, knife fighting, shooting, healing practices, fitness exercises, self-development and finally, survival.

Meeting point
The exact address is:

at the entrance to the Sokolniki subway station
€62 per class
We accept rubles and dollars too
2 hours
Age group: 14+
What will you see
Famous Sokolniki park, established in the Stalin era
What is included
gym payment (if a training is inside)
take water, and put on warm gloves and shoes
Thanks Mikhail for your tuition and guidance in knife-throwing on Sunday! We had a great time and will continue to practice and improve. This is undeniably an interesting sport, which fine tunes your cognitive skills, forces you to focus and lets your natural instincts kick in. Apart from being fun, to the point of being addictive, it's really relaxing, as you become almost meditative. And, I was impressed that no trees were hurt in the process! (We used a dead tree in Sokolniki as our target.) For anyone interested, it's worth persevering if you don't get it right in the first 5 minutes. Like everything, it takes a little practice, before you can throw like a pro! I was able to get the hang of it by the end of my first lesson.
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