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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Moscow Contemporary Art Galleries Tour
I will take you through some of the most significant private contemporary art galleries in Moscow so that you can reflect on the state of contemporary art scene.
Meet your activity leader: Anastasia
I am a member of the Say Hi To Russia team, an art lover and a very obsessive traveler. I studied art in Rotterdam, and then a little bit in Paris, traveling around Europe in the meanwhile. Inside of me, I keep a little part of every city I've lived in, but Moscow is who I am. Before leaving to Europe I used to spend whole days wandering around the city and its surroundings, randomly choosing the place to start and walking into new undiscovered corners every time. This is how I used to understand this place and love it with all of my heart. Now I want to share it with others – to make them feel what it is all about.
As I am absolutely mad about art, having worked in the arts here in Moscow, I will gladly show you the local art scene and its hidden gems, and let you see it through the eyes of a girl who is deeply in love with this place and people who make it.
So, let's go get inspired?
What to expect
We will meet in the very heart of the city, on the Red Square, to go into a gallery hidden from tourists' eyes, one of my favourite in Moscow. You will see the current exhibition there and, if lucky, talk to the people who run it and curate the shows. Then, if you're hungry or thirsty for a cup of coffee, you will get a chance to help yourself at a very cozy food court with food stalls by young locals, hidden just behind the most touristic spot in Moscow. They have one of the best coffee shops in the city.
After the small break we will go down to one of the most recognised metro stations to get to out next destination – Vinzavod, a former wine factory turned into contemporary art cluster. Buildings covered with graffitis by most famous Russian street artists, most influential Russian galleries, an exhibition space of a local auction house, a space for young promising artists, and even an open artists' studio. There is always something to see there!

If you will still be full of energy, we can continue to either design cluster called ArtPlay or go discover other galleries in the neighbourhood.

Note: in case you have already seen some of the spaces or have any other places in mind you would like to visit with me, I will be happy to adjust the tour to your wishes.
Meeting point
The exact address is:

Red Square, next to Lobnoye mesto (a 13-meter-long stone platform in front of Saint Basil's Cathedral).
€75 per tour
We accept rubles and dollars too
3-4 hours
Age group: 16+
What will you see
Triumph gallery
Revolution square metro station
Vinzavod with its galleries and exhibition spaces
Gary Tatintsian Gallery - optional
ArtPlay - optional
What is included
metro costs
Are you ready for an insight into Russian contemporary art?
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