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Movie in an art garage with locals
In the walls of a former garage, a company of enthusiastic friends created a music studio you are welcome to visit
Meet your activity leader: Niko
I'm a bar lover, traveler, hitchhiker, couchsurfer, snowboarder, addicted to nature and animals. Speak Russian, English, basic Spanish and very basic French. I'm passionate about great atmosphere places with friendly guys, awesome drinks and food, I know many of them in Moscow. And it would be pleasure to share my knowledge with you.

I started my search of good small spots with good movies about 15 years ago. From cinema theaters to little rooms with projectors and very few people. The main things are good movie, right people and good vibes.

What to expect
Film screening in Moscow underground club. In the walls of the former garage, a company of enthusiastic friends created a music studio where the performers of electronic music rehearse performances, make parties and watch movies in a friendly atmosphere. I invite you to watch a movie and join a musical continuation, which invariably accompanies every film show. In the repertoire of the garage there are films dedicated to music, art and philosophy, and the music is played by the owners of the club themselves. Most of visitors speak English so you will be able to chat with new interesting people if you wish.
Meeting point
The exact address is:

Sputnik hostel & personal space. Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 20/1, entrance 4, dial 50, apt.50. Metro stations: Pushkinskaya or Teatral'naya.

Our door is the next entrance from restaurant Nobu.
€30 per person
We accept rubles and dollars too
3 hours
Age group: 18+
English, basic Spanish, Russian
What will you see
We are gonna be in historical part in downtown. It was factory before, nowadays they made little hidden art space there with art galleries, offices, very few bars and coffeeshops and our garage. Even not so many local people know about it.
What is included
In the meeting point we'll drink cup of coffee/tea.
Usually we watch movies Saturday or Friday.

It's allowed to smoke inside the garage. We hope you are ok with it.
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