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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Getaway to an artist residency
A trip to an old brick factory 77 km away from the city, turned into a residency and inhabited by lots of amazing creative people. Painters, musicians, writers, designers, dancers... well, you better go see yourself, and maybe you will feel like staying there way longer!
Meet your activity leader: Anastasia
I am a member of the Say Hi To Russia team, an art lover and a very obsessive traveler. I studied art in Rotterdam, and then a little bit in Paris, traveling around Europe in the meanwhile. Inside of me, I keep a little part of every city I've lived in, but Moscow is who I am. Before leaving to Europe I used to spend whole days wandering around the city and its surroundings, randomly choosing the place to start and walking into new undiscovered corners every time. This is how I used to understand this place and love it with all of my heart. Now I want to share it with others – to make them feel what it is all about.
As I am absolutely crazy about art, I will gladly show you the local art scene and its hidden gems, and let you see it through the eyes of a girl who is deeply in love with this place and people who make it.
So, let's go get inspired?
What to expect
I will take you to a residency 77 kilometres away from the city, it is located in an old brick weaving factory from the late 19th century. It is one of the couple of residences we have close to Moscow, which makes it quite a unique and new notion, and unfortunately there are not many people who have already heard of this place. It accommodates artists with studios, musicians with great sound system and even a venue to perform, and dancers get several dance halls for their practice.
The owners of the space hold various events of all kinds so you might meet even more interesting people depending on the program. It is a wonderful place to clear one's mind, get out of the noisy and speedy capital life to spend some time in nature surrounded by amazingly spiritual and talented people of different specialisations. After several hours spent there, you already feel like home, forgotten any language or cultural barriers. And I will be there to help you get a connection with the most interesting people and learn something new about Russian art scene and local culture at all, as you can find all of that there.
That place is about the energy, the intelligence, consciousness and creativity which is in the air.
I will show you around, help you solve any problems during your stay, tell stories about our culture and Moscow's surroundings, and certainly make you meet the brightest people who inhabit the residency, and there are many, and all of them are about to become your friends.
If you find it interesting, I will introduce you to the founders and directors of the space, and if you want a master-class of the local artists, I think we could try arrange it too.

So... let's just get in touch and plan your wonderful two-days getaway!

Meeting point
The exact address is:

Kazansky Rainway Station, Komsomolskaya Square, 2, Moskva, Russia, 107976

I will you meet outside the main entrance!

from €110 per tour
(depends on accommodation)
We accept rubles and dollars too
2 days
Age group: 16+
What will you see
Guslitsa Creative Residency
What is included
  • the whole trip planned for you
  • train ticket
  • meals at the residency (if you're vegetarian, please let me know in advance so that I make sure there will be an option for you)
  • basic hostel-style accommodation for one night
    In case you would like to get a separate room, tell me about your preferences in advance! I will organise it for you. The residency has a big choice of rooms, and with a small surcharge you will get what you need
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