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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Explore Hohlovka, an artistic neighbourhood with Daria
Hohlovka is one of the oldest areas of medieval Moscow, an authentic architectural reserve which keeps its mysterious atmosphere for centuries. I will walk you through the paths you would never find yourself, opening the hidden doors and telling the stories of the local life and its history.

Meet your activity leader: Daria
Hi there! My name is Daria. I am a professional guide in Moscow. I have a degree in Sociology, I have worked as a teacher at a university and as a business trainer at a big company. I have traveled the whole world, and I am very passionate about beautiful places and history. My goal is to make people fall in love with the most wonderful, complex and crazy city in the world — mysterious Moscow. I try to make it positive, deep, and informative.
What to expect
See what's behind the doors of one of the most authentic areas in the old part of Moscow. We will walk through quiet streets of an old and amazingly quiet neighbourhood in the very centre of Moscow. You will see churches of different religions and see many sides of Moscow's life. We will have a look into the true Muscovite yards and little gardens, talk about the life in old mansions and modern urban spaces. I will show you some designer stores and bookshops only locals know about. Have you ever seen coloured coffee? Have you known that Moscow has its own Wailing Wall? Do you know where locals go for a book and stay for a cup of tea in the meanwhile? You will see all of that on this tour.

On this tour, you will discover a totally authentic settlement hidden in the very centre of this huge city.
Meeting point
The exact address is:

3 Yuzhnyy vestibule, Moscow, Russia, 119270

I will meet you outside the Kitay-Gorod metro station, exit to Solyanka street
120 per excursion
We accept rubles and dollars too
Takes 2 hours
Age group: any
What will you see
  • Solyanka street
  • Art-yard with 'Dürer' graffiti's
  • Ivanovsky Convent and St Vladimir's Church
  • Park "The Hill"
  • Synagogue and "Wailing Wall"
  • Governors Alley and Ivan the Terrible monument
  • Lutheran Church of St Peter and Paul
  • Mazepa's palace
  • Jurgenson's mansion
  • Art Quarter "Hohlovka" (non-existing lane)
  • Morozov Garden
  • Morozov's Mansion and the Levintan's wing
What is included
A guided tour around the area
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