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Follow the History of Jazz from Leningrad to Saint Petersburg with Polina
During the tour we will encounter historic events, the ups and downs of jazz music in Leningrad, musicians and finally people dedicated to the art of jazz.
Meet your activity leader: Polina
Being a part of local jazz community I always wanted to bring new perspectives in understanding the unique development of jazz music in Saint Petersburg. For three years I have been working in the jazz music industry, engaged in journalism as well as the managing of concerts, events and festivals dedicated to jazz.
What to expect
The development of jazz music in Leningrad (later St. Petersburg) took place in several stages. Perhaps, the history of jazz music in Leningrad would not be complete without two more highlights - the creation of a jazz club «Kvadrat» and the emergence of the State Jazz Philharmonic Hall. These organizations then brought the tradition of annual jazz festivals and developed the culture of jazz as a separate element of music culture of the city. St. Petersburg is also famous for its «school» of traditional jazz saxophone (swing, bop). Moreover, now a lot of musicians all over the world have the opportunity to participate in various city events, making the local jazz culture truly international.
Meeting point
The exact address is:

Zagorodnyy Prospekt, 27, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191180

We meet outside the building. You definitely won't miss it because there is a huge "Jazz" sign on the building

€65 per group
Takes 1,5 hours
Age group: 16+
What will you see
What is included
  • Tour around popular venues
  • Concerts and jam sessions are optional. Tickets are not included in the tour.
    Please note, if you want to visit any event, contact the guide in order to find out more about options and book your tickets.
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