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Jazz Tour with a Musician
Discover the Jazz history of Saint Petersburg with a live tour guide. See famous landmarks like the "Jazz Philharmonic Hall" or the "Dom7" jazz club, enjoy the vintage car transfer and a jazz concert in the end of the tour.
Meet your activity leader: Vadim
Hello! My name is Vadim. I am a jazz clarinetist, who performs around Saint Petersburg and I would like to show you the city from a musicians perspective. I know each doorman at the jazz venue and each "Jazz cat" in the city!
What to expect
Let me introduce you to a unique opportunity – to see the jazz soul of Saint Petersburg through a jazzman`s eyes. This is a solid 4 hours tour (or even more, if you wish) where we will observe the jazz culture from its very core. From the place, where it emerged (Jazz Philharmonic) to some rapidly developing and already iconic venues like "The Hat Jazz Bar" ( in Top 150 jazz clubs by the Downbeat magazine), and much more!

We would have a dinner at the jazz club Dom7, visit the Jazz Philharmonic, speak with the musicians from the Jazz Philharmonic Big Band, look up the beautiful sights, visit the local museum of jazz, and get the transfer to the Jazz Philharmonic in a vintage car.

Be dressed "smart casual" or jazzy. Please, attend the meeting 5 minutes in advance

Meeting point
The exact address is:

"Gostiniy dvor" metro, near the walkaway to the underground pedestrian crossing
€100 per tour
at least 4 hours
(might be longer)
Age group: 16+
What will you see
Jazz Philharmonic
The Hat jazz bar
jazz club Dom7
Jazz Philharmonic with local museum of jazz
What is included
The excursion (given by the professional musician). The transfer, tickets to the concert and a dinner are optional.
Are you ready to see Saint Petersburg through the eyes of jazzman?
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