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Kazan architecture under the influence of East and West
One of the most unusual ways to experience the city. Through listening, touching and feeling the city you can truly appreciate the beauty of travelling and exploring places in a new way
Meet your activity leader: Liza
Hi, my name is Liza. I am studying architecture at a university and I have fallen in love with this subject since I started travelling to different countries and learning about other cultures through communicating with local people.

I firmly believe that culture viewed together with traditions and habits form any city's or country's identity and individuality. I also think this is a great way to master one's English through sharing and exchanging different points of view. I absolutely love my city and would really be excited to show its multicultural variety and glorious beauty to tourists to make them love it and feel it as much as I do.
What to expect
You will be able to see the result of both eastern and western influence on Kazan architecture, as well as witness its eventual transformation. The capital of Tatarstan dates back to more than a 1000 years ago. Throughout this time its history has been embodied in numerous architectural monuments, which have combined various styles and tendencies for several hundreds of years.

The most remarkable sights are situated in the city centre, where the two cultures – eastern and western – have been developing and interrelating for more than 500 years. Modern Kazan is a decent example of historic tolerance and religious unity: here you can find both Orthodox churches (16-19 centuries) and Muslim mosques built mainly after Katherine the Great order (1766) and in recent times. A lot of old buildings have been restored and reconstructed, a number of new have been built including a world famous wonder – Kul Sharif Mosque inside the Kazan Kremlin walls.

Meeting point
The exact address is:

Kremlevskaya Underground station

I will meet you near to the entrance of the subway station

€78 per tour
We accept rubles and dollars too
Takes 2,5-3 hours
Age group: any

What will you see
  • Kul Sharif Mosque without entering
  • SS Peter and Paul Cathedral
  • Aleksander Passage
  • Black Lake Park
  • Mergasov's House
  • Epiphany Cathedral view point
  • Ulyanov-Lenin Street
What is included
Tickets to Epiphany Cathedral view point

Drinking water, snacks and good mood required! :)
Are you ready to learn about architecture in Kazan?
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