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Kazan big city tour
A car tour to help you explore the city
An ideal choice if you are visiting Kazan for the first time and want to explore the city
Kazan big city tour
A car tour to help you explore the city
An ideal choice if you are visiting Kazan for the first time and want to explore the city
What to expect
We have collected all of the main sights in one tour, so that you don't miss out on anything. But most importantly, we will choose the guide who suits you best and will adjust the tour to your interests, wishes and expectations.

Below you will find a plan for a classical tour which can be modified upon request.

Kazan big city tour plan
The excursion can be adapted to your needs. Specify your wishes in the booking form
We offer you to have a very interesting tour around Kazan – the city that is considered to be the 3rd capital of Russia. Kazan is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Russian cities that celebrated 1000th year anniversary in 2005. It is absolutely different from other Russian cities because it's a place where you can see combination of different styles (oriental and Western) where different religions and nationalities coexist side by side in a peaceful way. Kazan has a unique "personality", its own flavour, spirit that makes it so interesting and so attractive for the guests.
The very centre of the city, a UNESCO Cultural site. A fortification of the 16th century on the spot where that city was founded. You will visit the famous mosque Kul Sharif and the oldest orthodox Cathedral, as well as falling Suumbike tower
Kremlin Street and Kazan University
Explore one of the main streets of the city and the second-best university in Russia. Lenin, Leo Tolstoy, N. Lobachevskiy and many others have studied there.
Tatar Sloboda
The lower Tatar part of the city where the Tatars lived for a long time after Kazan was conquered by the Russian state. We are going to see old wooden houses and visit the oldest mosque in Kazan that was constructed by permission of Catherine the Great.
Kazan Virgin Monastery
The convent has the Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross as a part, the place where the Kazan Icon of God's Mother was found. That is one of the most precious icons in Russian orthodox world.
St. Peter and Paul's cathedral
One of the most beautiful cathedrals in Russia – St. Peter and Paul's cathedral where you'll see absolutely unique molding with wine grapes, flowers, plums, leaves outside and inside.
€125 per group
(1-4 people)
We accept dollars and rubles too
Takes 4 hours
Age group: any
What is included into the tour?
- A guided tour around Kazan
- Car
- Excellent mood :)
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