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Saint PEtersburg
Kronstadt Sightseeing Tour
Many people who live in St.Petersburg have never been to Kronstadt in their lives!

I visited Kronstadt for the first time on my 21st birthday. Ten years later I had my Wedding there. Now, when my friends wonder where to go around St Pete, I suggest to guide them to Kronstadt.
Meet your activity leader: Anastasia
Hi! My name is Anastasia. I was born in St.Petersburg and lived there my entire life. The most important thing for me is music, currently I am a DJ, previously I played in rock-bands on drums and bass guitar. I also dance sometimes and take part in fireshows. Along with it I'm interested in psychology, philosophy, religion and human resources.
What to expect
If you like the sea and everything connected to navy and history - you should take part in this activity.

Kronstadt is very different from other cities. It's small (around 45000 citizens), calm, full of trees and marine symbols - anchors, waves and so on. It was a closed city for a very long time, till 1996, and originally it was a big fortress on an island. The walls of the city fortress are still there.

We will take a small bus near a metro station and you will see the Saint Petersburg Dam, a 25 km (16 mi) complex of dams for flood control, and also numbers of forts around in the sea. Our walking trip will begin from Gostinyi Dvor and a beautiful fountain with the base shaped as a fortress. I will also guide you along the Bypass canal to Yakornaya Square, the place of architectural jewels such as the Naval Cathedral and some others. We will visit the renovated Cathedral and I will show you a unique pavement made of cast iron. We will also visit the giant Petrovsky dry dock where I will tell you about its past and future.

We will have a break for lunch and then continue to discover other parts of the town with harbour and military ships of Baltic Fleet and other sightseeings.

Meeting point
The exact address is:

the exit from "Chernaya Rechka" metro station
€100 per tour
4-5 hrs in Kronstadt
6-7 hrs with transportation
What will you see
  • Naval Cathedral and Yakornaya square

  • Makarovsky bridge

  • old hydraulic power station (abandoned)

  • Petrovsky Park and the harbour
What is included
bus tickets
I recommend you to take additional clothes, because Kronstadt is in the middle of the sea and it's windy, the weather there is usually a bit colder than in St.Petersburg

Our trip is long, so i included lunch break into a program. You can choose to bring some food with you or i will take you to a local caffe. Lunch price is not included.
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