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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Russian language and the way of thinking
Maybe after our conversation you'll find out that Russian isn't so strange and hard as you think.
Meet your activity leader: Polina
Hey, I'm Polina, nice to meet you!
I'm studying at the Gorky's Literature Institute, so I adore literature, arts and music a little - standard set of a Moscow intelligent.. :) Besides, I admire other cultures. It seems amazing for me - such bright world, where each country is like a patch in a large plaid. That's why I love multicultural conversation. I'll be happy to tell you something about Russian language with humour and maybe I will even hear your opinion about it.

What to expect
Maybe after our conversation you'll find out that Russian isn't so strange and hard as you think. I'll tell you why and how language is influencing our mind, then we'll talk a little about Russian grammar (don't be afraid! I'll tell about it with humour :) ), about idioms, about development and growth of Russian language. We will walk from Red Square, where Moscow began, to Kitay-gorod, where we will find a very cozy café and continue our talk. During the walk, you will see old Moscow, you will go through historical places, where the spirit of the past is following you step by step; during our talk, you will find new facts about Russian mentality - and in my opinion, understanding of mentality is the best way to understand language.
So, let's try? :)

Meeting point
The exact address is:

Red Square, Zero Kilometer of the city of Moscow
€80 per tour
We accept rubles and dollars too
Takes 2-2,5 hours
Age group: 14+
What will you see
- Red Square;

- Kitay-gorod;

- a café
What is included
immersion in Russian language, which isn't so hard as everyone think; I hope, I can help you feel it :)
You may take camera and something around 15 euro to get some food
Are you ready to explore the Russian language?
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