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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Russian Craft and Our Whole Culture Explained by One
Grand Model
Would you like to see the hidden wonders created by Russian craftsmen? Or shall we explore a huge model of Russia which best represents our culture, local history and many funny facts? There is a lot to learn here, so please get your questions ready!
Meet your activity leader: Helen
Hello! My name is Helen. Saint Petersburg is my native city and I just love it. It is absolutely unique and always full of surprises.
I will be glad to share them with you, tell you the stories of our culture and make you learn what this country and its people are really about.

I know you will have a marvellous time!

What to expect
Micro-miniature is a rare and fascinating art that requires genuine skill, accuracy and great patience. Vladimir Aniskin "Russian Levsha" made his particularly delicate work between his heartbeats. Large number of masterpieces – classic genre items like Shod Flea or Camels inside a Needle-Eye, chess-men on a poppy seed, rice grain with a text of 2027 letters… For his works he invented and made tools on his own. All 3D objects could be easily seen with the help of microscopes. I hope at the end the question "How did he manage to …" will be somehow solved.
The museum is under the guidance of International Guild of Masters, so many fascinating stories and real masterpieces of modern Russian craftsmen are waiting for you!

Grand Maket Rossiya is a real wonder, a model of Russia, 2600 square meters of exquisite workmanship. Designed on a scale of 1:87, it occupies the whole Stalin's empire style building. Grand Maket is not just a summary of collective motionless images of all regions of Russian Federation, there you can actually feel modern Russia – work, leisure, sports, studying, military service, country life, travel, mass celebration and even an attempt to escape from prison. I hope you will appreciate Russian sense of humour as a lot of funny scenes are represented all over the model. Visitors can set things in motion by pressing interactive buttons around the whole layout.

Optionally: Peter the Great Aquatory

If you don't have enough time to see all major tourist attractions in St.Petersburg – like historic city center, Kronstadt, Oranienbaum, Peterhof, etc – it is a great chance to see them all in one place. You will see ships set afloat from the staples of the Admiralty, aristocracy dance parties at the Upper park of Peterhof, Maslenitsa festivals celebration … 25 thousands characters dressed according to the fashion of 18-19 centuries are ready to tell you their stories. 130 different ships are moving (the water is real). Interactive buttons are placed around. More than 500 square meters layout – wonderful opportunity to observe and speak about Saint Petersburg, its history and traditions, the Romanovs in particular.

Optionally: open air "Mini Saint Petersburg"
20 minutes of your time, and you will be able to observe our city "top-down". Models are made of bronze and granite at the scale of 1:33. Especially good for children (it is possible to climb over the roof of Hermitage museum, or put your arms round Alexander column at Palace Square). Situated in Alexander Garden – one of the oldest park in our city

Meeting point
The exact address is:

Russian Levsha Museum, Ital'yanskaya Ulitsa, 35, Sankt-Peterburg
€80 per group
Takes 4-5 hours
Age group: 6+
What will you see
  • Russian Levsha Museum
  • Grand Maket Rossiya Museum
  • Optional: Peter the Great Aquatory, "Mini Saint Petersburg"
What is included
  • Tickets for 2 museums : "Russian Levsha" and Grand Maket Rossiya

  • Binocular inside Grand Maket Rossiya

  • Cost of public transport
  1. Peter the Great Aquatory definitely required some extra time (about 1-2 hours) and extra payment (price for the tickets may vary depending on the group)

  2. Be sure to come with children, family and friends
Are you ready to see the Grand model of Russia?
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