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The heart of Russia
Classical tours in Moscow
Even though our main emphasis lies on unique tailor-made tours by some very special locals, we do know how much you would like to see the main sights of the city in the first place. And this is why we have amazing guides in love with their city, ready to make you fall in love with it too.
Red Square and around (€95)
Get to know the story of the main square of the capital and discover some hidden pathways and streets around it. Be sure to visit the new park Zaryadye which has just been opened in the very heart of he city! See where the city roots form and follow its history to the modern times by walking around this neighbourhood.

A great opportunity to get a general impression of the city, see how versatile it is and how many wonderful surprises are hidden behind every corner. We will suggest you a guide on the same wavelength to make you feel and understand Moscow in your own very special way.
Big City Tour (€125)
VDNH (€95)
This palace museum and park reserve in the south of Moscow is a marvellous baroque residence of Russian royals just outside the city centre. A fascinating 18th century architectural complex with a huge park, loved by both tourists and locals. The palace has lent its name to the surrounding district and even a nearby metro station.
Kolomenskoye (€90)
A definite must for everyone wishing to learn the history of Moscow. A silent alternative to the noisy city centre – a huge park with architectural treasures of Russian history, which still keeps the authentic atmosphere of the old Russian life.
Tretyakov Gallery (€95)
Tsaritsyno (€95)
We will visit some of the outstanding stations of the most beautiful metro network in the world, feel like locals in their everyday life but at the same time have an experince close to visiting a museum.
Metro Tour (€95)
Embark yourself on a journey to fortified complex at the heart of Moscow and discover every inch of the walls which once populated a whole city. See the Moskva River, Saint Basil's Cathedral, Alexander Gardens and Red Square which the Kremlin overlooks and learn the centuries of history behind what is now an administrative centre and home of the President.
Take a look at the foremost depository of Russian fine art in the world. It is divided into two parts, and although we suggest you to see both, you can choose either one. A definite must for art enthusiasts.
Visit one of biggest exhibition parks in the world, an open air museum of Soviet history and culture with hundreds of stories hiding behind the facades. Numerous pavilions now house all kinds of institutions, most of which are exhibition spaces for a great variety of shows. There is always something to explore about both Soviet and contemporary culture at VDNKh.
Kremlin and Armoury Chamber (€130)
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