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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Moscow never sleeps: Moscow night lights
Explore one of the 5 mostly lit cities in the world by night
Meet your activity leader: Maria
Hey everyone! My name is Maria. Now I study journalism in Lomonosov Moscow State University - the best uni in the whole Russia:) My dream is to work on television. I have a passion to party, travel and meet new people from all the parts of the world. I'm a real muscovite and also an experienced private guide that's why you'll fall in love with this wonderful city after our tour :)
What to expect
Moscow is supposed to be one of the 5 mostly lit cities in the world. during our trip you'll admire the beauty of night Moscow full of romantic and charm. We'll take a look at the GUM shopping centre which is like a fairytale palace, pass by the streets full of bars and end up in one of them :)
Meeting point
Your hotel
Arbatskaya (dark blue) metro station
€80 per excursion
We accept rubles and dollars too
Takes 3 hours
Age group: 18+
What will you see
Arbat street

Red Square

Kuznetsky most
What is included
a private guide, customized itinerary, hotel pick-up and optional drop-off on foot, iconic places for photoshoots, expert advice of what to see and where to go and of course fun:)
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Moscow by night?
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