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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Novodevichy Monastery and Ponds
Discover the most beautiful Moscow monastery
Meet your activity leader: Jane
My name in Evgenia (or Jane), I was born in Moscow and spent here most of my life, graduated from Moscow State University. I am also a traveler, I visited over 35 countries, lived in Spain and US and I speak four languages. I have a lot of friends from other countries and I love showing them beautiful places in and around Moscow. I think that the most important thing in every city is to feel it's atmosphere, which you can't really do in touristic spots. Besides standard touristic locations, our city has amazing old neighborhoods with outstanding architecture and really cozy atmosphere where I myself love to walk or hang out in new delicious coffee shops, there are really beautiful monasteries in the suburbs that can be neglected by tour guides, and I would love to take you to these places and share this spirit of Old Moscow with you.
What to expect
We will visit Novodevichy Monastery - the most beautiful Moscow monastery, in 2004 proclaimed a Unesco World Heritage Site. We will also take a walk around Novodevichy Pond from the opposite site of which you will be able to enjoy the whole view of the architectural ensemble of the monastery and take amazing photos. After the tour (if the group wants) we will visit the best Moscow coffee shop DoubleB, located right by the pond and relax with truly delicious coffee and great views.
Meeting point
The exact address is:

Outside of Sportivnaya Metro Station
€80 per excursion
We accept rubles and dollars too
Takes 2-3 hours
Age group: any
What will you see
Novodevichy Convent

Novodevichy Pond

DoubleB Coffee shop with view over the pond
What is included
Everything except for food and drinks
Don't forget your camera
Are you ready to explore the Novodevichy Monastery?
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