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This is the time to explore the city!
Moscow for newbies:
meetup #1
Meetups for international students and young expats who want to explore the very heart of Moscow with locals and make new friends.
Who are we?
We are Liza and Katya, your guides for "Moscow for newbies" meetups. We will share with you our insights into Moscow's life and history, and help you understand what local life is all about. After a city walk will have coffee together, talk, share our experiences and, most importantly, make new friends.
We are here to form an international youth community and make you fall in love with Moscow.
What are "Moscow for newbies" meetups about?
Explore Moscow with local guides
During the first part (walking tour) we will not only see some of the sightseeings, but also learn some historical facts and fun stories about them. We think that learning about history is not always boring and can be really fun!
Share your experience
Then we will go have a coffee together. We will share our experiences and get to know each other better. You are more than welcome to ask us any questions about living in Moscow or any other problems that you are facing here, so prepare your questions!
Become a part of the community
It's all about people, right? So we are here to bring you closer with other people who are going through the same experience, share your passions and would be happy to meet you too. So, let's get together and make new friends.
For the first time, how about saying hi to the very centre of Moscow?
Meeting time
We will meet near the Zhukov monument and wait till everyone arrives
11:00 - 12:30
Walking tour
A walking tour around the city centre so that you get the feel of the city an d learn new facts and stories about Moscow. We will visit the following places: Alexander Garden, Manezhnaya square, Red Square, Varvarka street
Coffee time
We will go to a secret local cafe, where we will spend time together and have fun!
Meeting point for the next meetup
We will meet next to the Marshal Zhukov monument at 11:00 am
10 people
We keep the groups small
3 hours
Approximate duration of the meetup
990 Roubles
Price per person (excl. coffee),
pay on arrival
Our next meetup is on the 3rd of March
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