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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Red Square
and around

4 hour walking tour
An ideal choice if you are visiting Moscow for the first time and want to explore its very centre
Red Square
and around

4 hour walking tour
An ideal choice if you are visiting Moscow for the first time and want to explore its very centre
What to expect
Get to know the story of the main square of the capital and discover some hidden pathways and streets around it. Be sure to visit the new park Zaryadye which has just been opened in the very heart of he city!

Red square and its surroundings is the neighbourhood where nearly all periods of Russian history are closely intertwined… and it is a must-see for every tourist!

During the tour, you will "travel through time": learn how the city started and transformed over the centuries, find the traces of various historical epochs and events.
Red Square and around
excursion plan
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Red Square
The main square of the capital city, a place which remembers every age of the city story. Red Square is the central and the most famous square of Moscow and the best starting point to feel the vibe of the city. The square has a rich history indeed: it used to be the main marketplace, the cultural centre, the venue for parades and demonstrations.

You will see Saint Basil's cathedral (which has become the symbol of Russia!), Lenin's Mausoleum, Spasskaya tower, the buildings of GUM (Main Department Store) and State Historical museum, the Minin-Pozharsky monument — it's all there!
Alexander Garden
This is a historical park just next to the Kremlin walls. You will be able to witness the change of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (a war memorial dedicated to Soviet soldiers).
Saint Basil's Cathedral
The symbol of Moscow with an outstanding history which you literally feel inside the building. Upon request, you can include an entrance to the St. Basil's cathedral. The price is 500 rubles per person.
Zaryadye Park
A new park in the very centre of Moscow is one of recent top picks for tourists. A modern park with the best viewpoint on the Kremlin, surrounded by historic buildings of traditional old Moscow
Lenin Mausoleum
We will pass by the Mausoleum. Visiting Lenin's mausoleum is free. Please take into consideration that the Mausoleum is only open for three hours, from 10 am to 1 pm and always attracts long lines of tourists. Thus, in case you want to see Lenin' body, we kindly ask you to plan this activity separately from the tour.
Medieval Quartier
While walking around Varvarka street and nearby streets, you will discover medieval churches and mansions, encounter the old merchant court and even the remains of the fortress wall.
€95 per group
(1-10 people)
We accept dollars and rubles too
Takes 4 hours
Age group: any
What is included into the tour?
- A guided walking tour
- Metro tickets
- Excellent mood :)
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Your guide will meet you at your hotel or other place (upon request)
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