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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Secret places of Moscow
We will discover places which are rarely visited even by Moscow citizens.
Meet your activity leader: Dmitry
My name is Dmitry. I've been studying the history of Moscow for four years. I always try to get lost in Moscow alleys in order to find something special: hidden yards, old manors forgotten by citizens and guides and genuine stories of these places. I am fond of sharing Russian culture with foreigners and I always try to show my guests something they have never heard about.
What to expect
We will discover places, which are rarely visited by Moscow citizens. You will see the copy of the Kremlin; the manor of a man whose name was a synonym of criminals in the 19th century; the garden hiding over people's heads; underground salt factory which was transformed into a community centre and then was abandoned; a "perfect" Soviet apartment building. We will finish our tour in one of the best secret bars of Moscow. One of them has no entrance, the door of the second bar hides somewhere in the City Centre pharmacy.
Meeting point
Tretyakovskaya metro station, outside of the entrance
€75 per excursion
We accept rubles and dollars too
Takes 3-3,5 hours
Age group: 18+
(if you're joining for the bar)
What will you see
  • the monastery at Ordynka street

  • "Stalin's Skyscraper"

  • Underground salt factory

  • Morozov's garden

  • "Copy" of Kremlin at Sretensky boulevard
What is included
Transport costs
We need comfortable shoes for our walking tour.
Are you ready to explore the secret places of Moscow?
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