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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
The Story of Russia. Big Walking History Tour with Oksana
aWhat do you know about Russia? What is our language? What is our religion? Which things are people proud of and which ones do they hesitate to talk about? The answer will probably surprise you. I want to show you Russia and St. Petersburg the way everyone sees it and loves it.
Meet your activity leader: Oksana
Hello! My Name is Oksana. I'm a native of St. Petersburg. I love to travel, but I prefer to live in my city more. You will understand why, when you visit us. I love to discover new places or just enjoy the old ones.

A few years ago, whilst visiting Eastern Europe, I had the opportunity to participate in several city walking tours, and really adored the experience. Upon my arrival back to St. Petersburg I have deicide to show my city in a similar way, and so this tour came into existence.

I've been showing tourists around this city for many years, but now I've finally composed the ultimate 'Story of Russia' tour, in which you will discover the various aspects of this unbelievable city.

What to expect
What kind of country Russia used to be before Peter the Great decided to Europeanise it? What lead it to the Communist Revolution? What was it like to live in the Soviet Union? How much did it change over the last 400 years?

You'll know the answers to all these questions and more with this big walking tour, which is 6km long. So get ready. It will certainly be windy, probably it will be cold, but I promise it will be truly fascinating. You will see the places that remember birth and death, victories and defeats, stability and revolution.

Russia is so controversial, but thats what makes it diverse.

The tour can also be done by bike!
Meeting point
The exact address is:

Palace square, near Hermitage General Staff building entrance
€65 per group
Takes 2,5-3 hours
Age group: 14+
What will you see
  • Palace square

  • Capella yards

  • Saviour on the Spilled Blood

  • Summer Garden

  • Trinity Bridge

  • The cruiser Aurora

  • Monument To the victims of Political repressions

  • Tavrichesky garden
What is included
Tea and little Russian pies ;)
Warm clothes and comfortable shoes
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