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Rise and Fall of the Soviet Utopia
During the walking tour we'll see the finest samples of Soviet avant-garde architecture
Meet your activity leader: Vladimir
Good afternoon! Yekaterinburg is my hometown, and I remember it in different times of its history from being closed city in the late Soviet Union through drastic changes of the 1990's to economic growth and cultural diversity in the new century.

I'm proud to be part of Yekaterinburg cultural community and to contribute to it by organizing events such as musical concerts and festivals with musicians and bands both from Russia and the other countries. One of such festivals is Utopia Club that takes place at the Soviet experimental Flat Unit F and combines excursions, lectures, live music performances, expositions, and movie screenings, etc

I work as a tour guide since I was a history student in 2001, and will be happy to show you the most interesting places of Yekaterinburg, and tell about how history affected lives of the citizens and how people's effort has made Yekaterinburg the capital of Ural and one of the most significant cities of the new Russia.

What to expect
From the start of the Soviet Regime in 1920-s Sverdlovsk (Name of Yekaterinburg during the Soviet period) evolved from provincial town to significant military industrial juggernauth of the USSR. It became a showcase city of the Soviet Utopia in all its controversy.

We will learn how the enthusiasm of the First years of Stalin's industrialisation affected the growth of Sverdlovsk, how the grand Soviet utopia was being brought to reality in various fields such as work, sports, culture, art, family, how it got along with people day-to-day life, and how this utopia got into crisis and came to an end..

Meeting point
The exact address is:

Square of 1905, near Lenin Monument

€95 per tour
We accept rubles and dollars too
3-4 hours
Age group: any
What will you see
During the walking tour we'll see the finest samples of Soviet avant-garde architecture:

Chekist Neighbourhood (Residential compound of Soviet secret service - NKVD),

Square of Russian Army with House of Officers and the Black Tulip Monument,

Dynamo Stadium,

Building of Sverdlovsk Film Studio,

House of Industry and Trade,

Communication House and former Obkom Building at the Labour Square,

the First City Skyscraper and elite residential complex where Boris Yeltsin used to live while working as a First Secretary of Sverdlovsk region Obkom,

Building of famous in 1980-s Sverdlovsk Rock-club,

the Square of 1905 with the City Administration and the monument of Lenin.

Historical park at "Plotinka"

We shall visit the museum at the experimental residential Flat Unit F designed by Moisei Ginzburg - one of the leading architects of Constructivism.
What is included
3-4 hours walking tour, tickets to museum Flat Unit F
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