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Tatar National Cuisine by Family Recipes with Zilya
There is a tradition in our family. Me, my mother and my grandmother always make traditional Tatar dishes together on holidays. Cuisine plays a very central role in our culture, and I would like to share some of my family secrets with you.
Meet your activity leader: Zilya
Hello! My name is Zilya. I was born and live in Kazan, just as my parents do. There is a tradition in our family. Me, my mother and my grandmother always make Tatar national dishes together on holidays. I will be very glad to share the family secrets of national Tatar cuisine with my guests! I love to cook and I love to do it together with people, be those my family or the new people curious to learn more about my culture. Since I became a vegan I can't eat some dishes we make but I always help my parents to cook. I also teach drawing and art history at the School of Art.
What to expect
Depending on your wish we will make one of these dishes:
- Cousickmyack (It's a bisected pancake filled with potatoes. Cooking time: 2,5-3 hours)
- Peremyach (It's a pie filled with peppered meat and little bits of onions. Cooking time: 4,5-5 hours)
- Ishpishmak (It's a triangle-shaped pie with chopped peppered meat, potatoes and some onion. Cooking time: 4,5-5 hours)
- Gubadiya (It's a sweet pie with rice, raisin and dry curd. Cooking time: 4,5-5 hours)

During cooking we certainly will certainly have time to communicate with each other, so bring your questions about Tatar culture and its heart, Kazan, and certainly your stories too. Food is there to bring us together. You will learn a lot of new things about Tatar culture, and we will even sing Tatar national songs together! You will learn a lot of Tatar words for sure. In conclusion we will have a tea party with milk and a origan.

Meeting point
The exact address is:
Mira street 43, Kazan

Also my husband can meet you at your hotel/hostel – will be discussed after the booking
85 per workshop
(up to 4 people)
We accept rubles and dollars too
Takes 2,5-5 hours
Age group: 12+
What will you see
- Derbyshky settlement;
- Mine and my grandmother's flat
What is included
Ingredients, dishes we cook
Are you ready to cook Tatar traditional food?
Booking upon request
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