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Explore Tenant Houses of Imperial Saint-Petersburg with Irina
As a guide, my main goal is to share the fascinating details of this city's broad history whilst also making it interesting, humorous and welcoming for all my guests.
Meet your activity leader: Irina
Hello everyone! My name is Irina, I'm a professional guide of Saint-Petersburg with a great love for all of its history, architecture and little secrets. It's all quite complementary to my university culture studies at SPbSU. I'm mostly interested in the everyday life of other people.
The city's architecture is indescribable, views are stunning and places are magnificent, but you can only really appreciate these things next to people inhabiting them - only then you can fully feel the scale and purpose of everything and understand as much as possible. And, of course, the everyday life with all of its little fortunes and misfortunes is also great source of laughter.

What to expect
During this excursion we're going to visit the backwater district of Saint-Petersburg in the 19th century which is now located in the very center of the city! As time passes people constantly change their minds about the simple yet useful and sometimes even beautiful tenant houses, the omnipresent architectural background of the imperial capital and both in its glory and lowliness as they fulfilled an important function.
The majority of the city population lived in these tenant houses and thus managed to shape them over all these years, thus forming the look and the feel of the whole city you see today.

During this visit I'll tell you exactly how and why our city looks like it does now and how many generations, from the poorest to the richest, lived in these houses that shaped the heart of Saint-Petersburg.

Meeting point
The exact address is:

Sennaya Ploshchad subway station
€80 per group
Takes 2 hours
Age group: any
What is included
  • Tickets for 2 museums : "Russian Levsha" and Grand Maket Rossiya

  • Binocular inside Grand Maket Rossiya

  • Cost of public transport
well adjusted for pedestrian walks
Are you ready to explore the Saint-Petersburg of the XIX century?
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