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House for Gospromural specialists by architect Moisei Ginzburg
Experimental dwelling architecture of 1930s, daily routine of soviet people and inspirational flat Unit F
Meet your activity leader: Nikita
Hello! My name is Nikita Suchkov and I'm a director of the Constructivism museum in Unit F. I opened this museum in November 2017, because I love constructivist architecture and want to make it more popular among local people and tourists.
What to expect
Ekaterinburg has a lot of interesting constructivist buildings with beautiful facades. We concentrated our research field on the House projected by Moisei Ginzburg, a one of the most famous soviet architects of the short avant-garde's period in Soviet Union, and are ready on this example to share the many interesting stories about this lovely building and the life of its dwellers! Architect Le Corbusier was inspired by Unit F and created the famous Unité d'habitation in Marseille.

You will have a short walk around the house, visit experimental apartment Unit F and corridor between blocks on the roof
Meeting point
The exact address is:

ulitsa Malysheva, 21/1 office 38 (doorphone on the side of Malysheva-Khokhryakova corner)

50 Unit F /
€75 House, upper corridor between blocks, and Unit F
We accept rubles and dollars too
50 min (+Q&A) /
1 h 30 min (+Q&A)
Age group: 12+
What will you see
Courtyard, Unit F, Corridor on the Roof (or only Unit F, it depends on option)
What is included
Walking tour, stories, Q&A, tea in Unit F
Be ready walk up to 6th and 8th floor without lift
Are you ready to discover the hidden treasure of Russian constructivism?
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