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Chef's table at Varvara
Taste authentic author's cuisine inspired by Russian culinary traditions at the chef's table
Varvara Cafe
Let us invite you to VARVARA, a restaurant with Russian motives and author's cuisine. The restaurant is located in the center of Moscow, surrounded by old mansions, cathedrals and monasteries, called in honor of beautiful Russian name "Varvara".

"VARVARA cafe" is a reflection of our love to Russia, its culture and people. We see our mission in creating a restaurant that will show the potential of Russian chefs, designers and waiters. This place surrounds guests with love and unique Russian warmth of the hospitality.

Varvara is also in the list of Gault Millau. Just one room, 56 seat-places. Design is combination of the sixties' style, loft elements, with some fantasy and skills of author. There is open-kitchen, and the bar is placed in the middle of the room. The decor attracts by its cosiness and tidiness. Beautifully-executed dishes with some Italian and Nordic flair are served in traditional Russian style.
What to expect
Dishes from Alexander Ermakov are always unusual, but very tasty and interesting. You will see some culinary secrets of the chef during the operation.

Example of the program:
During the dinner each guest will try the following dishes:

- Stroganina from muksun (fish from North part of Russia) with kim-chi souce
- Beef tartar with pike roe
- Potato pancakes with Karelian trout
- Beef-Stroganov from veal tongue with pasta
- Dessert: mini eclairs with condensed milk, sea-buckthorn and kefir

Meeting point
The exact address is:

Varvara cafe, on Petrovka str.23/10, building 5, Moscow
from €80 per person
We accept rubles and dollars too
from 2 hours
4-6 participants
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