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Explore the city and taste vegetarian Kazan with Kamilla
All you need to know, see and taste in the city.
Immerse into the atmosphere of Kazan's vegetarian lifestyle, tasting the best food in all cafes and participate in the cooking of delicious raw candies. We will also walk through the centre of Kazan and you will hear stories about the Tatar culture, its traditions, legends and other little-known facts about my city.
Meet your activity leader: Kamilla
Hello everyone! My name is Kamilla (or you can call me Kam) and 3 years ago I became a vegetarian. At the beginning being a vegetarian in Kazan wasn't so easy, I thought there were no normal places to go and buy/eat something for my special diet. But the number of such places is growing from year to year. Despite the fact that places where meat and fish are not cooked can be counted on the fingers of one hand, I've found the best of them in my city. Now I have no problem if I want to eat a tasty falafel or a vegan burger with a vegan cake for the dessert.

But being vegetarian is just a lifestyle. I'm a student at the Kazan Architectural University and I'm going to be the architect-restorer, so I'm ready to say that I know enough about the city, so I'll definitely help you to get to any place faster and cheaper.

I'm eager to meet new people, I'm crazy about travelling, so I guess I know the value of time and the opportunity of travelling to a new city. I will be a very caring guide for you! For me, it i as also great pleasure to master my English skills through this kind of trip.

What to expect
I will take you to some of my favourite places in the city and tell you the stories about the city where I grew up. As a future architect, I know many secrets of this town and its buildings. There are many people who make this city grow and change for the better every day, and I would like you to meet some of them, for example the owners of cafes that we are going to visit!

We have already made an agreement that they will prepare some very special food when we come, so that we get together, have some tasty snacks and talk about the beautiful city which made us meet each other.

Meeting point
Big clock on Bauman St. (near Gabdulla Tukay Square bus and metro station)
€65 per tour
(depends on number of people)
We accept rubles and dollars too
Takes 2-3,5 hours
Age group: any
What will you see
  • 3 places where you can taste delicious freshly prepared vegan/vegetarian food.

  • Shop products where you can see, sniff, try, buy and ask whatever you want to.

  • The main pedestrian street of Kazan

  • Historically important part of the city - the Old-Tatar Sloboda

What is included
  • tasting basic vegetarian and vegan dishes in each of the cafes

  • a master class in cooking raw candies( you'll bring your candies, of course if you don't eat them at once)

  • a story about the life of vegetarians in Kazan, the main lifehacks in Russian vegetarian survival:)
Take your camera for your instagram food photos (if you need it), some pocket money if you want to buy something in vegetarian shop, your good mood and an open heart :-)
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