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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Feel the vibe of modern Saint-Petersburg daily life
This excursion is a sort of an immersion into Russian modern culture — I will introduce you to the local lifestyle by showing you my daily route. It will entertain as well as teach you about the everyday life in
St. Petersburg!
Meet your activity leader: Yulia
Hi! My name is Yulia. I'm studying African culture and languages at Saint-Petersburg State University but besides this I love traveling around Europe and meeting new people! Music has been my addiction for ages, especially modern hip-hop, techno and old school soul music.I'm always happy to tell travelers about the current music world of Russia.

I would like to introduce foreign tourists to this fascinating city from my point of view — to show the hipster areas, authentic streets and modern bars and cafes.
What to expect
This excursions starts from Dvortsovaya Square – the most recognizable and remarkable sight in the city. This is because the Hermitage is located here, one of the greatest Russian museums. The next stop is "Golitsyn loft" – a modern cluster situated in a historical place built in the 19th century. Beside this you will pass by my favorite and most unseen road among the tourists – the quiet yard with an open air flower shop and a modern art gallery with the access to Bolshaya Konyushennaya street. A street filled with restaurants and designer boutiques, as well as the oldest soviet style bakery which serves the Russian plushki.

After our long walk there is nothing better than to have a rest and eat something tasty in an authentic Jewish bar called "Bekizer" – you will be lost in the atmosphere of modern Tel-Aviv with a hint of a warm Russian welcoming. Near the end of the tour we will visit the most hipster bar in the city – "Co-op garage". It has the most fashionable and interesting people, the best music and the greatest vibe of freedom. By the end, you will be fully immersed into the Saint-Petersburg's vibe and daily lifestyle. You will feel just like a local.

Meeting point
The exact address is:

Dvortsovaya square, entrance to the General Stuff Building
€70 per group
Takes 4 hours
Age group: 18+
What will you see
- General Stuff Building the modern part of Hermitage museum.

- "Golytsin loft" the first art cluster which consists of five historical buildings.

- "Bekizer" a Jewish cafe and bar

- "Co-op Garage" an authentic garage bar
What is included
- Tickets for museum

- Transport costs
Bring your ID card and a good mood!
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