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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Russian Empire and the USSR: Victory Museum and Arkhangelskoye
Starting with the Victory Museum and then going to a magnificent royal residence, you will get to learn two very different sides of Russian history and Russian culture
Meet your activity leader: Daria
Welcome to Moscow, my dear friends. My name is Daria, I was born in Moscow and for the whole life I've been living, studying and working here. I've been communicating with the foreigners since the age of 14. I had graduated from a private English school located in Moscow that taught me to be interested in history, cultures and international communications. For the last years, I'm really interested in attracting tourists to visit and observe my hometown and to break the stereotypes of Russians drinking vodka and living with bears. Let me show you the real city, people and lifestyle of the most severe nations of the world (what other think of us). P.S That's a part of Russian humour :)
What to expect
Firstly we will visit a place of worship, a symbol of national memory of the tragic and heroic pages in the history of our country – The Museum of Victory. The Museum unites all generations of Russians. Here the past meets the present.

Another place that we going visit is the country estate "Arkhangelskoye" - a royal residence slightly away from the city – a wonderful monument of Russian culture from the end of the XVIII to the beginning of the XIX century. It is famous for the magnificent beauty of its garden and park ensemble, as well as its splendid collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and pieces of applied art and apart from it the superb collection of rare books.

Meeting point
The exact address is:

Park Pobedy metro station. (dark blue line, the centre of the metro hall in the underground)
€78 per tour
We accept rubles and dollars too
3,5-4,5 hours
Age group: 12+
What will you see
1) The Museum of Victory

2) Arkhangelskoye Palace
What is included
- Entrance tickets

-Transfer by car

-Excursion and accompaniment
Dinner is not included. If you want to taste russian cuisine and national dishes I will be glad to accompany you.
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