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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Learn about Vladimir Putin's childhood and life
During our trip we will visit places which you are highly unlikely to find in typical travel guides. It is a truly unique opportunity to find out more about Putin's personality and person he really is. We talk a lot about him, but still know so little about his past.
Meet your activity leader: George
Hello! My name is George. I was born in Saint-Petersburg and love this little piece of Europe in Russia. I have worked as a professional guide for 5 years. I truly love my city and can show you beautiful palaces, museums and some secret places: inner spaces of historical houses, roofs, channels, bars and communal flats as well.

Besides studying international economics at university, in my spare time I am keen on showing foreigners my favourite places of the city. Traveling, music and communication are a huge part of my life. I am glad to share amusing facts about the city and various interesting stories that happened here which you wouldn't have heard anywhere else.
What to expect
In this tour, you will be able to find out how the personality of the future Russian President was formed, and where Vladimir Vladimirovich spent his youth.

You will learn:

  • Who were Putin's friends in the yard?
  • How did they break his nose?
  • Who was in love with young Vladimir?
  • Which events have changed his outlook? Why did he decide to become a secret-service agent?
  • How did Putin get to know his wife Lyudmila?
  • What is a "communal apartment", and why did Putin live there?
Meeting point
The exact address is:

Nevsky Prospect 96, near metro station Mayakovskaya and KFC

We will meet just next to the KFC.

And don't forget to take your cameras! :)

€84 per group
2-2,5 hours
Age group: 14+
What will you see
  • Maternity hospital where Vladimir was born.
  • The yard where Putin was bitten by a rat
  • The school where the leader of the nation was unfavorable to become a pioneer
  • Transfiguration Cathedral where Patriarch Kirill's father baptized the future leader of the Russian Federation
  • Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg State University
  • The theater where Putin met his future wife
  • And other places
What is included
  • Secret information about Putin, Petersburg, Russia
  • Great mood!
Are you ready to learn
about Vladimir Putin's life?
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