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Say [EAT DRINK WALK] to Moscow
Moscow overview excursion at Zamoskvorechye
The tour is worth visiting to get a better image of Moscow from 19 till 21 century.
Meet your activity leader: Polina
Dear friends! My name is Polina and all my friends know me as Polinchik Pozitiv. I was born in a Moscow suburb, but spent all my live mostly in Moscow. I graduated from MGIMO and now I'm studying international relations in Eurasia at Russian Presidential academy. During my studying process I've participated a lot in international conferences and had the experience of giving excursions to my foreign friends. Walking through Moscow streets is kind of my hobby and I'm really happy to share my experience and knowledge about this city with you.
What to expect
We are going to walk though one of oldest part of Moscow - Zamoskvorechye, where the charm and cosiness of the old way of life is preserved. We will visit a lot of interesting places, such as Ostrovskiy's Museum. This small museum is house, where the famous playwright was born.

Marphino-Mariinskaya monastery founder of the monastery was Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna. Here you can feel calm, relax and see how is life of monastery near the city center.

On our way we also will see one of the most famous museums - Tretyakovskaya gallery. It was founded in 19 century by our merchant Pavel Tretyakov, who had one of the biggest collection of Russian fine art.

During our excursion there will also be an opportunity to visit places of modern art, such as monument - Children - victims of adult vices. The sculptural composition of architecture M. Shemyakin, located in Bolotnaya Square in Moscow is conceived by the author as an allegory of the struggle against evil and vice.

We will finish our tour at the new park "Zaryadye" which is an object in the historic district of Moscow, created on the site of the "Russia" hotel, demolished in 2006.

The tour is worth visiting to get a better image of Moscow from 19 till 21 century.

Meeting point
The exact address is:

Metro Tretyakovskaya (in front of Macdonalds entrance)
€77 per excursion
We accept rubles and dollars too
Takes 3 hours
Age group: 16+
What is included
a guided walk
Don't forget your good mood!
Are you ready to explore Zamoskvorechye?
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