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Day Trip to Zvenigorod
We will visit Zvenigorod - a small town in Moscow suburbs founded in 12th century.
Meet your activity leader: Jane
My name in Evgenia (or Jane), I was born in Moscow and spent here most of my life, graduated from Moscow State University. I am also a traveler, I visited over 35 countries, lived in Spain and US and I speak four languages. I have a lot of friends from other countries and I love showing them beautiful places in and around Moscow. I think that the most important thing in every city is to feel it's atmosphere, which you can't really do in touristic spots. Besides standard touristic locations, our city has amazing old neighborhoods with outstanding architecture and really cozy atmosphere where I myself love to walk or hang out in new delicious coffee shops, there are really beautiful monasteries in the suburbs that can be neglected by tour guides, and I would love to take you to these places and share this spirit of Old Moscow with you.
What to expect
We will visit Zvenigorod - a small town in Moscow suburbs founded in 12th century. The town is an hour drive from Moscow. We will visit Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery - a spectacular ensamble, oldest church of which was built in 1398. It's one of the most beautiful architecturally significant monasteries, situated in a truly picturesque spot - a hill overlooking Moscow river. We will also take a walk along the central Zvenigorod street - it's tiny street with stylish wooden houses where we can have coffee in a coffee shop visited by Russian writer Gogol, it has also nice souvenir shops you can visit and there are places to buy food made in the monastery - special honey, teas etc.

After visiting the monastery if the group wants we can have lunch in the spectacular local restaurant called Prichal (Boat Pier) - it's a very beautiful place with really good russian food and low prices, located near the river, and it actually has a great view on the pier and a few boats.

We will drive back to the city along Rublevskoe shosse - the famous area near Moscow with most expensive houses in the city.

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€105 per tour
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Takes 5-6 hours
Age group: any
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Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery
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Everything except for food and things you want to buy
max 4 people
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